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How To Make Money – Home equity is an asset that comes from the homeowner’s interest in the home. To own equity, subtract the outstanding kredit balance from the pasar nilai of the properti. Home equity can increase over time if the nilai of the properti increases or the kredit balance is paid.

In other words, home equity is the part of your properti that you actually own. You definitely own your home. , But if you borrow money to buy the properti, the lender also has an interest in the properti until you get the loan.

Home equity is usually a homeowner’s most valuable asset. Those assets can be used at a later date, so it’s important to understand how they work and how to use them wisely.

Home Equity Example

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Now, assume the nilai of your house is doubled (unlikely, but this will keep the numbers sederhana). If it’s worth $400,000 and you’re still worth $160,000, you own a 60 percent equity stake.

You can calculate it by dividing the kredit balance by the pasar nilai and subtracting the result from one (Google spreadsheet will calculate this if you are 1- (16000/400000), and then you have to convert or make a Percentage).

Your kredit balance does not change, but your home equity increases.

Building Equity

Loan repayment: As you pay off your loan balance, your equity will increase. Most home loans are standar amortization loans with monthly repayment rates that matc

h your interests and principal. Over time, that amount leads to an increase in principal payments – so you build equity at an increasing rate each year.

If you happen to have an interest-only loan or other tipe of non-amortization loan, you don’t build equity in the same way. You may have to make ekstra payments to reduce debt and build equity.


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Price appreciation: You can also build equity without trying. When the nilai of your home gains (due to repair proyeks or a healthy real estate market), your equity increases.

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